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I'm Kate.  I believe that life was meant to be satisfying and joy filled, both in our personal lives and in our professional lives.  

I spent over a decade in the fast paced world of growing not-for-profits.  And as an Executive Director I learned success is as much about passion as it is about being strategic and productive.

Through much of my career I've experienced a great deal of anxiety and overwhelm along with my successes.  And while few would have known, even during moments of achievement and promotion, I was overrun with fears and anxiety on balancing all the many hats.   

When I started to learn even the most basic elements of strategic productivity, it was like a light went on in my life.  I felt different.  Life felt different.  Work felt different.  It felt better.  And I did better. 

My hope as a Business Coach and Productivity Coach is that you would design the work life that you want.

That all the noise and chaos would fade till all you can hear is your own feet hitting the pavement and your breath coming in and out as you run with heart and confidence toward your goals.

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