Take Back Your Time Coaching

Where do I focus my time???

When you're tired of climbing uphill all day and sacrificing life for your work, it's time to find the answer to this question and take back your time!

Take Back Your Time Coaching Includes

13 Coaching Sessions

Three months of weekly, one-on-one, virtual coaching. 

Customized For You

Coaching customized for you.  Meeting you where you are that day and focusing on what's important to you. 

Weekly Session Notes

After each session you will receive personal session notes, with the actions steps you've designed. 

Step by Step Teaching

Together we will walk you through applying the 6 major areas of productivity to your business.

MBTI Personality Test

Gain greater insight on who you are and use your strengths to grow your business. 

Take Back Your Time Coaching Outline


Week One-Three

Week One:  Gain clarity on your goals  (60 min. session) 

Week Two:  Design your day.  Master your schedule.  (60 min. session)

Week Three:  30-minute Coaching Follow-up

Week Four/ Five

Week Four:  Organizational Peace of Mind  (60 min. session)

Week Five:  30-minute Coaching Follow-up

Week Six / Seven

Week Six:  Be strategic where you focus  (60 min. session) 

Week Seven:  30-minute Coaching Follow-up

Week Eight / Nine

Week Eight:  Make it easier on yourself. Create a system.  (60 min. session) 

Week Nine:  30-minute Coaching Follow-up

Week Ten / Eleven

Week Ten:  Grow Bigger. Build a Team. (60 min. session) 

Week Eleven:  30-minute Coaching Follow-up

Week Twelve / Thirteen

Week Twelve:  Stay in the game. Manage your energy. (60 min. session) 

Week Thirteen:  Reflections and Next Steps  (30 min. Session) 

A Three Month Coaching Experience

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