Business Coaching & Productivity Coaching Testimonials

Mark - Solar Power Business Proprietor

“One hour with Kate will save you a week’s time considering the best step to next take toward your goal.  Three sessions with Kate pushed my growth curve many months ahead of schedule. The best investment you can make is in yourself.  Think of Kate as your Self-investment Adviser.” 

Michael - Insurance Sales

"Having the pleasure of working and brainstorming with Kate during my coaching sessions has been a godsend! 

Kate helped me immensely through some personal organizational and procrastination issues, which were really causing me some undo stress in my personal life. 

By Kate providing such a calming presence and relaxing demeanor, she effortlessly guided me step by step right to the root of my issue. I could then, very easily get a plan of action in place to tackle what was holding me back." 

Ariana - Graphic Artist

"Kate was extremely helpful and patient with me as she coached me through the process of opening my own business. She always seemed to know just the right thing to say to keep me thinking positive and moving forward. 

I could not have done it without her guidance and encouragement. I will forever be grateful!!!" 

Gwendolyn - Federal Employee

"Kate’s coaching truly helped me to overcome a barrier to happiness in my current life situation. She listened without judgment, responded insightfully and accurately to what I said, asked intriguing questions that helped me find my own fitting answers, and was amazingly kind and thoughtful. I felt accepted, heard, and understood. 

Working with her has given me greater confidence in pursing the path I am on with dignity and joy, which is a significant shift in my mindset. I highly recommend Kate as a coach and am grateful for her impact on my life."

Thomas - Business Marketing Supervisor

"You were great to work with.  Opening up to a ‘stranger’ can be difficult for me; your calm demeanor / calm guidance was very reassuring and welcomed. I found myself walking along a progression of self reflection that I would not have on my own.   

I had a great journey with you! You were great, and I would gladly recommend you to others who are looking to strengthen their life goals and realign their lives."